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Feel free to ask me any questions!


Some awesome stuff! :'D




EDIT2: lol, the minute I start thinking of getting a new computer it begins to work like it's brand new! I think I'm okay, guys. I'll try to work with it again.

EDIT: Zabbytabby tried using my tablet on her computer and it worked, so whatever the problem is its not my tablet. //Endofedit

I've been very quiet and for once, NOT because of school!

My computer is on its LAST LEG, which is sad. It's only three years old. Ughh. When I turn it on, it takes an hour just to stop overheating and completely wake up, and STILL freaks out when I try to use it after being on for an hour; which is really inconvenient, being in an online school. I mean, I can do it on my iPad, but that is really difficult. ALSO, it keeps saying "supercell" has stopped working, and it keeps spamming me with that. It started happening two Saturdays ago, when I quickly got on my computer and began to use it for any simple task. And now, it's never been the same. I thought that updating it was the problem, but it's gotten worse. Any of you computer people know what's going on? I mean, I dunno if I should ask for a new computer, or go get it scanned and fixed by geeksquad? I mean if anything, I think I can hold out till Christmas (as entitled as that sounds :() but by the time January comes around, exams will happen and I really need my computer for that!
Sorry for the big wall of slightly rantish stuff. I'm sorry :/ I'm really upset with the computer right now and don't want to have to put my mom through buying another computer. This is the second one that's broke, I mean the first one wasn't my fault, but I just don't want to come across as careless.

Now onto the tablet.

Yesterday, I plugged in my Intuous, and everything was working smoothly until I used the pen (It has finger pressure and pen pressure) and it was really shaky and rocky and I couldn't so much as draw a straight line! Also it took a while to show up with the lines. So, I just turned off my computer and gave up. Tonight, I plugged it in and waited for it to begin to light up, and once it did, once again it was as smooth as smooth could be but this time, I couldn't even get off of the touch pad. It wouldn't let me switch over to the pen.

Do you guys think this is connected with my computer problem?

Sorry to tag you but :iconadoptablecutes:, this is one of the other reasons why I haven't gotten the design in. I'm SO sorry, but if you want me to, I can do it on my iPad (I would love to) or you can feel free to get a refund if you need the points back. I'm so sorry for the unreasonable amount of time to wait :( I'll try to draw it on my iPad ASAP if you still want me to design it!<3 But I will also try again tomorrow morning (I gotta leave right after this)

So, if I'm quiet even more, guys, even with comments (still have that terrible problem), this is why. And for once, me being completely withdrawn and absent has a legitimate reason.

I'll delete this once some of the issues are taken care of,

Thank you,

P.S. you guys are awesome.

P.S.S. sorry for the slightly rant-y journal. I'm frustrated but not necessarily mad.
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United States
ID BY :iconrushiethedinoshaur:

+ Ladies Stamp + by RebiValeska Like a Lion Stamp by SailorSolar

Real Life Sister: :iconzabbytabby:

Bad Mustard: :iconshadowsaurawolf:
Online school friends: :iconshadowsaurawolf::iconbaskerville14::icondnilasor:

DA friends! (you may not think of me as a friend, but I think of you as a friend!):la: :
:iconapplepie200: (oh, where have you gone? :() :iconnature-soul::iconbroken-arts::iconcrystalthewhitewolf::icontrue-water-gaurdian::iconamuth89::icondarkwolfartist::iconyuka-strike::iconkatnipkat::iconrushiethedinoshaur::iconarterialblack716::iconmonokumaa::icondragonfreak1112::iconwolfytheblackwolf:
I rewrote this so if I forgot you, please tell me!

Inspirations: :iconkitchiki::iconzabbytabby::iconwagginkennelclub::iconshinerai::icontau-ri::iconirisdesert::iconsimander::iconskysealer::iconfourth-star:

Hey! :) welcome to my page!
General Stuff About Me
Name: Noelle
Age: fifteen
Commission status: closed
Date of Birth: February 24th, 1999 (Tidbit; February 24th is also Steve Job's birthday!)
Loves to: Make friends! :) Don't be afraid to talk to me! :'D XD I try to treat everyone with respect and friendliness, because, that's just common courtesy! If I come across rude, I'm so sorry! D: please tell me and I'll give you a proper apology.

DeviantART Related
:bulletgreen: I reply to every comment I receive unless its down-right harassment. Please note, though, that I take a LONG time! :( I'm getting out of that nasty habit, though!
:bulletgreen: I do not take requests at the moment, and rarely art trades. I'm sorry ;u; I don't have time for them! :( But I won't get angry with you if you ask me :) I know I skip over things like that, you know? Also, don't ask, you don't get! I'm never bothered by these questions. :)
:bulletgreen: You don't have to thank me for llamas, watches, favourites, etc.! You're welcome! But again, I won't be angry if you do! :)
:bulletgreen: As I've said above, I won't reply to harassment. As much as I can take it, I don't think I deserve it, and will hide it. Not only to protect you, but I don't want all of that negativity being littered onto my page. :(
:bulletgreen: Please respect the boundaries I set for things such as commissions. :)
:bulletgreen: I am whole-heartedly open to critique! I am a growing artist! Critiques are mainly what I'm here for!

Art Related

Art Status:
:bulletgreen: open , :bulletred: closed for now , :bulletblue: ask , :bulletyellow: for good friends! :bulletblack: never (unless I indicate otherwise XD)

Requests: :bulletblack::bulletyellow:
Art trades: :bulletred::bulletyellow:
Collaborations: :bulletblue:
Commissions: :bulletgreen:
Design Trades: :bulletblue::bulletyellow:

Digital Art Computer Program: CS5
Tablet: Intuous
Preferred Medium: Digital Art, sketching


That's it! If you have any questions, shoot me a comment or note!


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So if you would like to donate, then... well donate! :) I won't hate you forever if you don't though haha!! Every point is appreciated :)
Thanks :)

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A gift. Hopefully you like it! (I know you don't know me well, but hopefully we can get to know each other better!!) :aww:…
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